About The Project

The main part of this site will focus on the problems and the successes I have personally while learning to brew at home. I already have a brew that I have pictures of and have taken notes that is going rather successfully, but I have some problems presenting themselves (my conflict).

In addition, I’ll be collecting tips and creating a F.A.Q. page as I go, making my site a resource for other homebrewers. I’ll collect interviews from either the homebrew store nearby, or go to a local brewery to see how it’s done professionally once I’m a little more involved. (I got a “yes” to interview some of The Oak Barrel’s employees! WooHoo!)

This project stemmed from my class Living in a Media World. I thought this would be a great chance to delve into home brewing. I’ve been looking into this for about a month and had ordered my first “Starter-Kit” from Amazon. This coincided nicely as my instructors told us: “How-to’s and Instructional videos do well in this course.” So I got their express permission and to my surprise its been a rather straightforward process creating this site.

This project will focuses mainly on each batch that I do, as well as the side-projects that they entail. I also will be detailing the research I do in order to brew well. This means reading into the history of homebrewing and brewing beer in general. What I’m learning are in the forms of updates and/or posts.

Thanks for Reading~

Samuel Austin Spivey