About the Project


My project will be about Ho Kuk Mu Sul. It is a hybrid Korean Martial Art that includes bits and pieces of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Judo, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi. Some of the people we will see in this project are Elliot Stone, a 4th degree Black Belt and owner of Elite Martial Arts, Sara Masoner, a Black/Red Belt who uses Ho Kuk Mu Sul to maintain her diabetes, and Lauren Sibley, a 1st degree Black Belt who has been practicing Ho Kuk Mu Sul nearly all of her life. The main locations that will be shown are Elite Martial Arts in Scotts Valley and Yerba Buena High School in San Jose, which is the host of the 2015 Tet Open Tournament. Tet is another name for the Lunar, or Chinese, New Year. I will show my viewers some of the behind the scenes aspects of a Martial Arts school and what it's like to compete in a Martial Arts tournament.

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