Project Proposal – Records


Our Team is called “Difference” and it consist of Harvey Armfield, Justin Tesfamariam, Maurice Green, and Christian Albiar.


This documentary is about the showing the difference between Digital and Analog DJ'n.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for inspiring DJs as well as potential clients that are seeking DJs to host any upcoming event they maybe planning; specifically, weddings, birthday parties, and anniversary.

Objective of Film

We would like the audience to see the difference between digital and analog DJ’n.


The soundtrack for the documentary will contain music used in the DJ technic demonstrations, as well as popular music that are known to get the best crowd response in a party.


The documentary is going to be about the life and career Harvey Armfield, "DaSoulMan", on he got started in the DJ industry and the transition from analog to digital.  Through demonstration, the team will use a variety of techniques used during turntablism focusing on the pros and cons of digital and analog DJ’n. In addition, we are going to show what the DJ goes through during a performance. 

Records Critque

During Lab 8 each team had the opportunity to show the rough cut of their movies and receive constructive criticism from fellow classmates and instructors.  For Records critique, we heard good points and suggestion to better the documentary.

Good Points:

The demonstrations with brief tutorial of how to DJ were very good.  It kept the attention of viewers.  The layering of what’s happening on the computer with actually DJ’n was really good as well because it allowed the viewer to see what was going on in real time.


Some suggestion was to add more background on the main character’s life to help develop a story along with the tutorial aspect.  Include struggles to become a DJ and struggles of transitioning to digital from analog.  Also, other suggestions were to elaborate more on the difference of sound quality of using analog vs digital and the difference in the different digital audio formats.  Lastly, make sure the story is clear to follow. 

Interview Questions

Here are the interview questions were gonna use for the Documentary.

– Can you explain the basic difference between analog and digital technology?

– Which do you prefer to work with?

– Can digital sounud better than analog?

– Since its starting to get easier for people to have bedroom studios to make music off your smartphone do you think analog is passing away?

– Which one is better analog or digital?

– Is analog DJ'ing dead?

– Whos is the cause of these new style DJs?

– Do you think there will be a transition back to analog dj's?

– Do you think digital DJs take the easy way out?