About The Project



The Core Concept of this project is about being an Analog DJ in a Digital world.  Current non-exclusive technologies available to the public today makes it easy for anybody to become a DJ, but difficult for a DJ to be competitive and properous.


The main character/DJ will be DaSoulMan (myself).  Other people for this project will include the inspiring/intermediate DJ (DJ URK), professional/working DJ (DJ iBay).  The project will focus on the club and venues specifically to DaSoulMan.  Additionally I will use any special event and venue that may happen during the shooting phase of the project.  Being the owner of an entertainment company gives me the ability to include a wide variety and P.O.V. of people, events, venues, and equipment.


The story for this project is about a DJ that started in the DJ industry over 30 years ago.  that has been in the DJ industry for 30 years.  The first 20 years of his career was mostly analog.     and about 10 years ago he has slowly transitioned into the digital age of DJ'n.  Throughout this transition, not only has the DJ industry evolved, with Social Media and the industry change of music sale has changed.  

Discuss your project in terms of your TOPIC as a background for a STORY. This is the hard part, and will likely take the most development. Story concepts will be a focus of your final project in the class. What story do you wish to tell? If you don’t know yet, how do you think a story will emerge from your research?



Harvey Armfield (DaSoulMan), is the focus of the project.  He started DJ'n in 1985 and has seen the industry go from browsing through a record store to purchasing your music to downloading music files from the internet.  



Lewis McCockran (Dj iBay)



Jordan Brown (Dj URK)

Name each person involved, tell us who they are and why they are important to your project. Tell us how we will get to know them. Are there acknowledged experts? Looking ahead to your project a documentary short, it is typical to have a main person at the heart of your project.


Mandarin Lounge

Mandarin Lounge , 219 Texas St. Fairfield, CA,

With the rapport that I was able to build with the owner that night, I am looking forward to building a respectful working relationship for the future.


Delta Breeze Club

Delta Breeze Club, 400 Windward Dr, Travis AFB CA.  

I have been the resident DJ here for 10 years now.  When I first started I was using 2 turntables, and 2 CDJs to DJ.  I brought 3 crates of records and 3, 250 CD binders filled with CDs.  Currently, depending on the event and how I’m feeling, I will use either Numark Controller or turntables and mixer with laptop and hard drives.


Home Studio

Home DJ Studio, my house!

Name the location(s) at the heart of your project. Give us addresses, tell us why these places are important.


This project is about a cultural phenomenon.  About 30 years ago DJ’n were an exclusive profession that one had to earn/work his or her way into.  To get new music, you had to go to the record store on release day and take the time to listen to the music before you bought it to make sure you were getting something good.  In the 80’s a 12” record cost about $8 and the whole album was about $16.  If you were worthy, you were able to get into a record pool where major labels would send you about 10 to 15 new releases to help push the music.  This really made the DJ exclusive because they had music that only the radio stations were playing.  Today, with iTunes and Google Play, music is available to everyone at the same time.  There are websites out there that focus on the working DJ.  They create exclusive DJ friendly music with intros and outros and remixes that you have to have an active subscription to be allowed to download.  So with the ease of getting music, all a person needs is a mediocre laptop, some bootlegged file shared music files, cheap controller and power speakers, BAMM you have a DJ.  


The use of turntables as a musical instrument dates back to the 1930s.  Turntablism is the modern art form of using turntables as an instrument that dates back to the early 70s when the Hip-Hop culture began to develop. 

One event that I would love to attend in the near future is DMC World Championship battle.  This championship battle is an annual DJ competition hosted by Disco Mix Club (DMC) that began in 1985.  The part that I love the most about this competition is the fact that you have to use 2 turntables.  Any analog or digital mixer and any Digital Vinyl System are welcomed.

In 2010, for my 38th birthday I vowed to not have another birthday party unless DJ Jazzy Jeff was the DJ.  The only time limit is that he stop DJ’n before I am able to get him, or one of us dies.   



Key audience for this story is DJs of all calibers, potential clients, and anyone interested in attending a function that will include a DJ.  Hopefully everyone at some point in their lives will have the opportunity to have an event for themselves; birthday party, graduation party, wedding etc.  Hopefully, this story will inspire new DJs to continue and respect the art and give potential clients an idea on what to look for when choosing a DJ for their next event.


My approach for this project is to tell you my story of becoming a DJ and surviving in the ever-changing world of technology.


This project is near and dear to my heart because I started DJ'n 10 years before the industry started to change.  I feel like the art of DJ'n is slowly diminishing today.  With the new technologies that are out are out, it is very easy to manipulate turntables, controllers, and music to make it seem like you are really working.  Also, the availability of music composing technologies makes it easy for anybody to pre-mix a playlist and just play the file while DJ’n and act like they are doing everything live!