Records Critque

During Lab 8 each team had the opportunity to show the rough cut of their movies and receive constructive criticism from fellow classmates and instructors.  For Records critique, we heard good points and suggestion to better the documentary.

Good Points:

The demonstrations with brief tutorial of how to DJ were very good.  It kept the attention of viewers.  The layering of what’s happening on the computer with actually DJ’n was really good as well because it allowed the viewer to see what was going on in real time.


Some suggestion was to add more background on the main character’s life to help develop a story along with the tutorial aspect.  Include struggles to become a DJ and struggles of transitioning to digital from analog.  Also, other suggestions were to elaborate more on the difference of sound quality of using analog vs digital and the difference in the different digital audio formats.  Lastly, make sure the story is clear to follow.