Story Structure

Narrative Spine

Records story line will follow DJ DaSoulMan's career as a DJ.  In the beginning we will introduce DaSoulMan and show a few testimonies of past clients/patrons of DaSoulMan’s party or work.  We will also give you a background on which DaSoulMan was as a kid and how he fell in love with music and got into DJ’n.  The story will continue with DaSoulMan and his life from childhood through adulthood.  DaSoulMan will discuss his perception of the analog DJ world and the digital DJ world.

Main Characters

DaSoulMan is the main character

Conflict Affects Story

Analog vs Digital DJ’n will be the main conflict within the story.  Also we will highlight the differences within audio formats, examples: MP3, Wave, AIFF, etc.  Additionally, we will look at how music was made in the analog world vs the digital world.


How music, music production, access to the consumer, and the art of DJ’n has evolved from analog to digital.

Inciting Incident

The inciting Incident will be DaSoulMan doing a DJ set using vinyl records and Digital Vinyl System (DVS).  Show the actual difference between audio formats.

Narrative Spine

At present the only potential issue we foresee running into will be how to fit so much information in so little time.


RECORDS is a short Documentry about DJ DaSoulMan's perspective of an Analog DJ sustaining in a Digital world.  DaSoulMan started DJ in 1985 when he was about 13 years old.  At that time, DJ's only  tools were two turntables, a mixer, Film is about DaSoulMan getting started in the industry during the analog era and transitioning and staying relevant in the digital era.

Showcase technologies of music format, social media, PA/Sound Equipment, and equipment needed to actually DJ.  We will explore the option on telling the story from the beginning of DaSoulMan’s career.


Approaches: Participatory/Interactive, Reflexive, Observational, Performative

  Obligatory:  Show the different between using vinyl and mp3s