About The Project


State your CORE CONCEPT at the top in one or two sentences. What is this project about? Is there a core question guiding the project? Is there a conflict or some unusual point you are looking at? What’s your P.O.V. or special angle?


Discuss the access you have to make your project viable. Person, place, thing?


Discuss your project in terms of your TOPIC as a background for a STORY. This is the hard part, and will likely take the most development. Story concepts will be a focus of your final project in the class. What story do you wish to tell? If you don’t know yet, how do you think a story will emerge from your research?


Name each person involved, tell us who they are and why they are important to your project. Tell us how we will get to know them. Are there acknowledged experts? Looking ahead to your project a documentary short, it is typical to have a main person at the heart of your project.


Name the location(s) at the heart of your project. Give us addresses, tell us why these places are important.


Is your project about an object, idea or cultural phenomenon? Describe it and tell us how it relates to the people involved in your project. You might have a topic about a game (video or otherwise), a tool, a social media related topic, an event or a meetup group. Tell us what it is.


Does your topic have a history? Current event? An event you wish to attend? Tell us about it and why it is important. How does time play a role in your topic?

Time is an important story element as well. Is there a period of time important to your topic/main character? A period of transition or change? How do you think of past/present/future in relation to possible story elements?


Tell us who your key audience is and why they will care about your project. Instead of saying “this is for everyone”, specify your demographic: tell us about other similar projects, movies, websites, online channels, movements, communities, etc.


Tell us how you will approach your project. What style do you wish to use? What will your role be? Regarding ACCESS, are there practical obstacles to consider?


Why are you interested in the project and why should your audience be interested? Why does this project need to exist?

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  1. The new style DJs as well as the new style of DJ’n does not upset me at all.  I welcome change, ingenuity, and new technologies.  What upsets me is how people use the new technology to “water down” the industry and how they are cheating their clients out of an “experience”. 

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