About Us

DaSoulMan and ScoopMan
is the owner of Grown Folk Entertainment which is a moble entertainment company established in 2007 by Harvey L. Armfield a.k.a DaSoulMan (DJ) and Joseph Harris a.k.a ScoopMan or S-C-double O-P-Man (MC).  The two met while serving in the United States Air Force at Travis AFB, CA.  They began DJ'n and MC'n at the Delta Breeze Club.  The two had an instant connect because of the love and passion they share for music and the art of DJ'n.  DaSoulMan and Scoop both grew up an in the era when DJs used two turntables and a mic to rock a party, of course they needed sound equipment, but the two turntables were where the magic happen.  This magical connection allowed them the opportunity to become the resident DJs for the Delta Breeze Club which became the hottest club in the area.  After about 5 years, positive life changes happened and ScoopMan decided to focus more on his military career.  DaSoulMan retired from the Air Force in 2011 and continued to grow his DJ career.  Currently, DaSoulMan is the sole owner/operator of Grown Folk Entertainment.  With over 29 years in the entertainment business and traveling abroad,  DaSoulMan brings a wealth of experience and diversity that will make your event the Best-To-Date!  His experiences includes: weddings, birthday parties, formal and informal military events, radio, club and live sound engineer.  
Currently, DaSoulMan is still rock’n parties with two turntables and a mic! 


My name is Maurice Green. I am at expression college to further my studies in sound arts. I am driven creatively by being able to allow my work to bring joy to myself and big crowds of others. I have worked with various artists, but have tranformed to behind the scenes doing videos, mixing, and leading sessions. Ten years from now, I would like to be working with a big record label, or I would like to be working with movies putting sound into them. My biggest influences are my grandmother who passed away due to cancer and just wanting to be great in everything I do. I create music and videos for the world to enjoy.



I was born and raised in Kern County, California. Since I was young music has been a big part of my life. I am now 21 and currently live in Antelope, California. Im still adjusting to the Sacramento and bay area. I love playing drums and especially composing music rather it be for a film or for an artist, Im always interested in learning something new. I am currently attending SAE Expression to get my Bachelors degree in Interactive Audio. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding music or film.



I am young artist, athlete, businessman, entreprenuer and inventor known as Joshua Tesfamariam from Oakland California. I love everything that has to do with music such as the production, creativeness and just being around it which brings me to Expression to expand my knowledge of music production and to pick up more skills and tools I need. I get motivated to create different sounds when I hear good music which pushes me to get creative. 10 years from now see myself living comfortably with my family doing whatever my career is, which is something I love. My biggest influences are recording artists that create good music that people love and catch good vibes from. Also I am influenced by Hall of Fame basketballl player Allen Iverson. I create sounds that people love which is good music.