First Critiques


  • Too positive
  • Possibly get some shots post music
      1. Recount possibly ivan’s story
  • Show an arc of benefits; progress over time of benefits of music

Other notes

  • Add more to explain what Alzheimer’s is (add info graphs)
  • Too much lanni(also might want to mention the change Alzheimer has done to him
  • Try to get people to do what they normally do?(Match b-roll better with a-roll)
  • Provide evidence that music helps people with Alzheimer
  • Looks like someone dropped the camera into the piano
  • Shaky cuts
  • Cut out “um…”s
  • Musician use “they” a lot, which de humanize the alzheimer patients

Final Critique


  • Unity in subbing Grayson
  • Greg:music contrast intro vs piano
  • Title threw gavan off
  • Wrap up with same intro voice could be a nice touch
  • They like the backdrops for the interviews


  • Shanti: STORY?
  • Narration/begining:
      1. A bit stiff
        Not enough feels
        Can cut it down(like after the end of the animation)
        Gave away to much at first?
        (replace all of it with footage of what Alzheimer’s people behave like)
        Black and white pics of old people to add feelz
  • Piano sounds kinda flat playing so long. Wasn’t impressed
      1. Nail it more on the emotional side
        Replace with some old people singing
  • Make a new banner for names
  • Waste time at some of the interviews scenes at the beginning (clean up)

Our movie is based on people with Alzheimer’s disease and how they are affected by musical therapy.

We predict our movie will start out with some of the patients at an Alzheimer’s center called ASEB, dancing to jazz music when the band comes and plays. We want to start the movie with a fun and playful tone but then change to a serious and informative tone. We will introduce some of the people that work at the facility and hopefully a patient or two. Giving background on the disease in the intro will give people an idea of how serious the Alzheimer’s can be. The core concept will get communicated through the experiences of ┬ápeople who work and attend the facility.

We predict the ending is going to have a strong closing statement with voiceovers and experiences from everyone involved in the project (Employees, musicians, caretakers, Doctor, etc.) We want to get our core concept out in the beginning and close out with showing the results of what we were talking about.



  • Who are you?
  • How long have you had Alzheimer’s?
  • When did you start to notice a change in your memory?
  • Do you remember anything from your childhood?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you enjoy listening to music?
  • Did you know there is a connection between music and brain function?
  • What is your favorite genre of music?
  • How do you feel when you listen to it?


  • Who are you?
  • What is your position at this facility and what are your duties?
  • How does seeing these patients mental state affect you?
  • How do the patients interact with each other on a day to day basis?
  • What kind of musical activities do patients take part in?
  • When the patients are introduced to music, how do they react?
  • When the patients are introduced to music do you see improvements in functionality?
  • Can you give specific examples of patients functional improvements after listening to music?
  • Would you say that music improves the patients quality of life? (How so?)
  • What are your reactions to seeing the patients during musical activities?

This is a man who has a severe case of Alzheimer’s Disease. He was pretty much non-responsive until his caretaker put headphones on him. Listening to music makes him much friendlier and conversational. It is amazing to me how much it changes him.

YouTube Preview Image