Future Graduations

 Participating programs are tentatively scheduled for these dates. Please check back for updates. Dates are also subject to change. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs for the most up-to-date information.

Final Term Class # Ceremony  
  121 & 122 6/23/16  


  • Graduation Ceremony Registration:

    • Due date is approximately the third week of your last term.
  • Graduate Request Form:

    • Due on the last day of your final term.
  • Graduation Reel:

    • Due on the last day of your last class (Studio Etiquette, Final Content/Final Game Pro 6, Final Project, or Portfolio).
  • Caps & Gowns Pick-Up:

    • You can pick up your Caps & Gowns approximately a week after your last day of your last term.
  • Extra Tickets Request:

    • The deadline for extra ticket requests is one week before the graduation ceremony. Requests are not guaranteed. However, you will be notified via email about your ticket request after the deadline has passed.


Last updated 09/30/2015