NSW (Name, Song, Why) Episode 1:

Hello! This is NSW aka Name, Song, Why. It is a fun way to get people talking about karaoke. All it takes is three simple questions. What is your name? What song would you sing if you had to karaoke RIGHT NOW? And why that song?Here are my results.

(Starting with the guy drinking water)

  1. N: Sasha Michkovsky S: Sunburn – Muse W: Because it is one of my favorite Muse songs and it is beautiful.
  2. N: Marcos Barragan S: Cielo 2001 – Benny Ibarra W: Because it has beautiful lyrics and it is in spanish.
  3. N: Heidi Goldstein S: Frank Mills – Hair W: Because it is dirty and fun.
  4. N: Trevor Holminksi S: It’s Raining Men – The Village People W: Just because.
  5. N: Brandon Martinez S: Vices – Memphis Mayfire or Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd W: Vices, because I can sing that song, Freebird, because duh.
  6. N: Sean Robel S: Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin W: Because it is a classic.
  7. N: Keznamdi McDonald S: Love is the Answer W: Because love is the only way!
  8. (Not Pictured) N: Jason Jones S: Changes – Tupac W: Because it has a great message.



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