Final Project Proposal




Karaoke Creation: Project Proposal 


Karaoke Creation


Grace Coleman, Alex Menendez, Thomas Lopez, and Jason Jones



The documentary follows Tyrone Stanford, a karaoke producer, and Kalib Duarte, a karaoke artist. We will follow them through the process of creating and performing original karaoke songs.


Intended Audience:

Anyone who is interested in music or karaoke. People who want to know more about a new and interesting take on karaoke.



Seeing karaoke as more of a hobby than a silly drunken past time and also spark interest for people who have never tried karaoke and have fun watching.



Most of the narration we will hear will be from interviews taken with the main characters of the film. There will be background music of popular karaoke songs. There will also be a lot of audio captured from like karaoke performances.



The beginning will be mostly interviews with the main character and his artist. You will hear the sound of the process of making music along with live karaoke performances.

In our documentary we will show a day in the life of Tyrone Stanford, a karaoke music producer and Kalib Duarte, the artist. On the journey you will see them in their home studio discussing their karaoke background and how they got into it. You will see live performances in an actual karaoke bar of people singing. As the movie progresses you’ll get a chance to see DJ purple in action. DJ purple is a dance karaoke DJ who sync’s both dance and karaoke together to make a very interesting show. Our first character, Tyrone Stanford, is a graduate of Expression College, where his passion for mixing and mastering started to really grow. The music side started at an early age when Tyrone was a kid he won his first karaoke contest the prize was a paid trip to Hawaii, which he ended up giving to his parents. After the win it really sparked something in Tyrone; that this is something he should pursue, not to mention the contest he won was his first time performing live. Tyrone is from San Francisco California born and raised but he eventually moved up north for a while before coming back and soon enrolling into Expression College. Kalib Duarte, who is one of Tyrone’s artists, always had a love for music. Him and Tyrone actually met in a Karaoke bar where they were both performing. After meeting, a friendship instantly grew, and now he is not only an artist, but he and Tyrone share creative ideas with each other about projects they are working on. Kalib has a band called Audio Terrorist, which started back in 1984 and since, they have explored many different forms of music from Goth, Industrial, Glitch, Dance, and Rock Sounds. They had an international hit over the internet called “Beyond the Damage”, which held the top 11 position on the Goth-industrial charts for 6 weeks.

The two began to work on music together in Kalib’s home studio, producing multiple albums, and began to perform live with each other. Their shared interest in karaoke sparked the idea that they could go to karaoke events and sing their own songs to help reach a new audience. They soon realized that it was a very efficient way to get their music heard. There was no need to get a whole live band together, rehearse, book a show, transport all the gear to the venue, etc. All they needed to do was create a karaoke file for their song, bring it to the venue, and perform. Performing original songs as karaoke became a regular practice for them after they saw the benefit that it gave them.

The documentary will follow the story of Tyrone and Kalib producing a song and then taking it to a karaoke bar where they will perform it. After the character’s background is introduced, the film will take the viewer to Kalib’s home studio, where he and Tyrone are working on a song. There will be interviews with the artists, as well as footage of them recording, mixing, and playing music. They will describe their process and how they turn an idea into a final product. They will then show the audience how they take that song and prepare it for karaoke using various pieces of software.

After the creative process is complete, the film will jump ahead to the day of one of their performances. The audience will see them in the car on the way to San Francisco. They are going to a bar called Slate where DJ Purple hosts “dance karaoke” nights every Thursday. The viewer will see the pair prepare for the performance and make their way to the bar.

Once inside, there will be footage of different people performing songs, dancing, and enjoying the music. After a few performance clips, the film will cut to DJ Purple introducing Tyrone and Kalib, followed by their performance. When they finish, there will be more footage from the bar, with some final words from the characters.


Style: The documentary will be presented as a collection of clips showing the different stages of the story. There will also be footage of interviews with the artists, as well as stills and motion graphics to support the narration. With all of the footage of the characters going through the different stages of their story, the viewer will be able to get a good idea of what the entire process that the film is based around looks like.

Interview Q’s

1) Introduce yourself (Tyrone and Kalib)


-what do you do?

-where are you from?

-what is your passion?

2) How long have you been karaokeing for? Why and how did you start? When did it become something you decided to take seriously? ( Tyrone and Kalib)

3) How did you decide to start producing original karaoke artists? (Tyrone)

4) How did you and Tyrone meet? (Kalib)

5) Why karaoke and not open mic night performances? Do you do both? How do they differ? (Kalib)

6) What do you feel when you are performing? (Kalib)

7) Do you wish to advance your career as a performing artist? What is your ultimate goal? (Kalib)

8) Take us through your production process. What kind of gear do you use? What is your workflow/creative process? (Tyrone)

9) How do you write your music? Do you aim for a specific sound? (Kalib)





Here is my storyboard for my trailer. The text beneath the second row of frames on each page got cut off, but it is pretty self explanatory. I ended up staying pretty close to my original ideas with the exception of a few frames.

ScanScan 1Scan 2

Tupelo Tuesdays

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