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Presenting and documenting the story of Glenn Oliveria and his Alfa Romeo shop in Berkeley, CA. I think he is a great example of taking the road less traveled to chase a dream and an idea that develop through ones life.  Glenn studied mechanical engineering in college, has built and worked on thousands of classic cars, raced motorcycles, and still races his 1955 Alfa Romero, which was in fact the first Alfa he purchased over 30 years ago.

Who: Glenn Oliveria. A kind, hard working, driven, passionate, and humorous Oakland native who has been living in the fast lane since a young boy.

Where: Oliveria Engineering, Berkeley, CA. (>5 minutes from Ex’pression)

What: This project is about passion and hard work. Its about chasing dreams and doing what you love and making the sacrifices necessary to bring that into reality. People are pushed to pursue jobs that create income whether or not they are happy or enjoy doing it. Since a young age myself, my parents pushed me to pursue something that I really love and enjoy.  It took me a while to find what exactly that was but now I feel I am in the right place at the right time.

When: Now

Audience:  I don’t think this ONLY applies to car lovers, but those would definitely be the target audience. Anyone can enjoy an interesting story about a guy who races vintage autos, has a lively mix of friends and neighbors who stop by for lunch everyday, and races around the country while building and maintaining classic race cars.

How: I will conduct interviews and various shooting days at Glenn’s shop. There is ample opportunities for B-Roll while he is cranking and working throughout the week. He also has a lunch group everyday where 4 or more other friends come by for lunch and talk cars.  Have already talked to some and they’d love to talk about Glenn and his history or their own stories about the shop. Ontop of that he has already invited me to attend a Charity Challenge race series at Sonoma Raceway this October. That would be an ideal place to get footage as well as meet other friends of Glenn’s that he has made through the race culture. Will also interview various customers, friends, or family who are accessible. (Some have already agreed)

Why: To teach those questioning their paths that you can do what you love.  You don’t have to reach for a high paying job to be happy. You don’t have to be rich to be happy.  The same reason we are all here at Expression. We want to continue working through something that we feel is meaningful, and that we put our time and effort into to create the best outcome or final product, whether that is a car, a video game, or a video. A quote that was tattooed into my head as a kid fits this overall projects direction:

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Story: Individual stories about the shop owner and his childhood, how he became engulfed in the auto industry.  I would also talk to customers and friends who are constantly in and out of the shop, if anything there will be too many stories to pick from, but everyone I’ve talked to say the same positive things about Glenn and why this would be an awesome story to tell.

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