Intro and Conclusion Ideas

Intro:  As of now, we see the intro starting with a VO on a black screen bringing the audience in.  It will cut to shots of racing, and working on cars.  VO supports why people love Alfas, why they love working on cars. “The joy of machine/ working and fixing something that you feel and experience” Why do people race, why do people drive? We will hopefully record people talking about racing and driving itself and the community around it (Alfas if applicable).

The Conclusion will wrap back into Glenn’s shop, and how he has built this community of friends as well as bringing many people together and sharing a deep passion for these classic autos.  He followed his passion and paved his own path. and in doing that he has helped others find and cherish their passions as well.  If it weren’t for Glenn, these cars would be far less accessible. He has, in a sense, kept these cars alive in the bay area, and because of a select few like Glenn these cars can be driven and experienced by many.  

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  1. This is good.

    For the conclusion, you should also consider larger themes, something universal, in your case perhaps something like why people form communities in the first place, why people connect over cars, something about Glenn’s character that binds the community together, things as such.

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