Questions for our upcoming interviews

Glenn questions

Where did you grow up?

How long have you been working on cars?

What got you interested in Alfa cars?

What separates these cars from others in your eyes?

When did you first get involved in the Alfa community?

How did you come to the decision to pursue your passion over a standardly “accepted career?”

When did you purchase your current shop?

What renovations and changes to the shop have you made?

Tell us a little about the cars you own?

The events you’ve raced?

Any trips that stick out to you?

Describe your neighbors’ involvement in the shop

What is the neighborhood like?

Are you a tight-knit community?

How has your interest in cars affected your neighborhood?

Do you have any long standing clients of your shop?

Lunch attendee questions

What city do you live in?

How long have you known Glenn?

How long have you been coming to the lunch meetings?

What car do you own?

Any fun stories/ memories about Glenn?

What is your involvement in the Alfa community?

CSRG event interviewees

What is your name?

How long have you been into vintage racing?

What is the best part about this sport?

Who got you into this sport?

Where did you drive from to get to this event?

Are cars a hobby for you outside these race events?

Are you involved in a car enthusiast community?

What draws you to this event and others like it?

Alfa Romeo Core Concept

In a general sense this video is about the inspiring Alfa Romeo community here in the Bay Area, but specifically it is about one very significant mechanic. Glenn Oliveria of Oliveria engineering. Calling Glenn an Alfa enthusiast would be an understatement. Just as an engine needs gasoline to move several tons of metal, Glenn’s internal drive is fueled by the Alfa Romeo. Alfas are Glenn’s passion, career, and reason for getting up in the morning. As a man who has worked hard for his mechanical engineering degree, many prestigious job opportunities have been presented to Glenn throughout his life. And yet, Mr. Oliveria sticks to his passion, for he is a man who understands the value of following one’s dreams.

Story Structure

  • What’s the narrative spine of your piece?
    • The narrative spine, or driving events of our story are Glenn’s chronological journey into the Alfa community, as well as the charity race event coming soon.
  • What are your main characters? What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?
    • Our main character is Glenn, but we will also be giving some screen time and interview footage with the people who attend Glenn’s lunch meetings, other Alfa enthusiasts, and Glenn’s neighbors. We have plenty of footage of Glenn’s shop for b-roll as well as plans to capture footage at the CSRG racing event in October.
  • How is conflict driving your story?
    • There is always conflict when an individual decides to pursue passion over a well-paying career. There is a level of overcoming adversity to be found in the pursuit of one’s passion as a lifelong and all consuming career and lifestyle.
  • What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?
    • The change and journey we are trying to take our audience through is the decision to pursue what you are passionate about, struggling through the difficulties, to ultimately realizing your dreams and passion as they come to fruition and essentially become your new reality.
  • What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?
    • The inciting incident of this story is Glenn opening Oliveria Engineering. The point of entry is past, in that the introduction will likely begin with some background on Glenn and the Alfa community.
  • What issues do you foresee making your piece visually strong?
    • This particular piece is visually driven and will have no issues as far as visuals go. We are collecting footage and stills of Glenn, Oliveria Engineering, Glenn’s lunch meetings, the CSRG race event, and possibly some organic driving footage.