The Lunch Group

After returning to Glenn’s shop a few times and getting consent to document some of his work and story, he invited me to come by during a group lunch that he has everyday.  I had came with my computer and questions ready to start getting Glenn’s story together.  It was a pleasant surprise to walk to their back patio area and see 4 guys sitting around a picnic table eating packed lunches, reading old car magazines, and talking about which engines performed best.

Personal Photo: Glenn (right) and a friend getting ready for lunch hour.

They all warmly greeted me and pulled out a chair for me to join.  Some had been long-term friends while one other was a friend he made at the Charity Challenge race at Sonoma Raceway. As I started to ask Glenn some questions about his childhood, the others would add in their stories and their experiences with cars as teenagers, and how they all became hooked. They all shared some wild stories about building frankenstein cars with as little as 50 dollars or less.  One man was reminiscing on a bet he made with his dad after buying a chevy.  It didn’t run, but the bet was that if he got it working then he could keep it.  After a week or so of the dad seeing the work he started putting into it, he ended up making his son sell it.

Personal Photo: Glenn’s stack of old car magazines. The center of the lunch group.

It’s great to hear stories and memories like these, and every guy at the table had completely different experiences, childhoods, as well as careers. However, the Alfa’s are what brought them all to be such close friends. Even people from the neighborhood come into the shop to help him with his recycling or trash runs, including a very interesting lady who’s family has known Glenn for quite some time. She was more than happy to agree to an interview about the shop and added that it would be a great documentary as well as quite funny because of Glenn’s personality.

Personal Photo: After lunch is right back to work! Glenn working out the alignment on an old Giulia Sprint GT.


Glenn actually invited me to come to lunch hour during the weeks when I can, and he is certainly excited to be in this documentary.  I’m planning to go there at least once a week to meet with Glenn and his buddies for lunch hour while I continue to talk and interview him, as well as all of the interesting people who frequent the shop. He has certainly built a small community of close friends and good people from the East Bay and beyond.