Rough Cut Critique,


The Alfista

  • • need more B-Roll over the interview footage, **for cutaways and shot changes, especially**
    —> will help put more emphasis
    • Story Development? pin-point on ONE aspect and build on that! build a story,
    • — “have people work on their own cars”
    • SHORTEN THE TALKING, cut more effectively
    ⁃ —> “Glenn is introduced @ 4:55 min mark of the documentary… way too long”
    –> introduce the main character, EARLIER and MORE EFFECTIVELY.
    • jump cuts of interview —> edit better? jump to other people, allow for a smoother transition between the talking,
    ⁃ —> comes through as VERY manipulative
    • more (but minimal) footage of the “history,”
    ⁃ —> find pictures, footage, vintage shots of, Glenn, his shop, Alfa’s racing,
    • build on community, and story, using B-Roll
  • IMPORTANT: SHOW THE STORY, build around a story, use B-roll, interview footage, audio, VOICE OVERS, to SUPPORT the STORY

Intro and Conclusion Ideas

Intro:  As of now, we see the intro starting with a VO on a black screen bringing the audience in.  It will cut to shots of racing, and working on cars.  VO supports why people love Alfas, why they love working on cars. “The joy of machine/ working and fixing something that you feel and experience” Why do people race, why do people drive? We will hopefully record people talking about racing and driving itself and the community around it (Alfas if applicable).

The Conclusion will wrap back into Glenn’s shop, and how he has built this community of friends as well as bringing many people together and sharing a deep passion for these classic autos.  He followed his passion and paved his own path. and in doing that he has helped others find and cherish their passions as well.  If it weren’t for Glenn, these cars would be far less accessible. He has, in a sense, kept these cars alive in the bay area, and because of a select few like Glenn these cars can be driven and experienced by many.  

Questions for our upcoming interviews

Glenn questions

Where did you grow up?

How long have you been working on cars?

What got you interested in Alfa cars?

What separates these cars from others in your eyes?

When did you first get involved in the Alfa community?

How did you come to the decision to pursue your passion over a standardly “accepted career?”

When did you purchase your current shop?

What renovations and changes to the shop have you made?

Tell us a little about the cars you own?

The events you’ve raced?

Any trips that stick out to you?

Describe your neighbors’ involvement in the shop

What is the neighborhood like?

Are you a tight-knit community?

How has your interest in cars affected your neighborhood?

Do you have any long standing clients of your shop?

Lunch attendee questions

What city do you live in?

How long have you known Glenn?

How long have you been coming to the lunch meetings?

What car do you own?

Any fun stories/ memories about Glenn?

What is your involvement in the Alfa community?

CSRG event interviewees

What is your name?

How long have you been into vintage racing?

What is the best part about this sport?

Who got you into this sport?

Where did you drive from to get to this event?

Are cars a hobby for you outside these race events?

Are you involved in a car enthusiast community?

What draws you to this event and others like it?

Alfa Romeo Core Concept

In a general sense this video is about the inspiring Alfa Romeo community here in the Bay Area, but specifically it is about one very significant mechanic. Glenn Oliveria of Oliveria engineering. Calling Glenn an Alfa enthusiast would be an understatement. Just as an engine needs gasoline to move several tons of metal, Glenn’s internal drive is fueled by the Alfa Romeo. Alfas are Glenn’s passion, career, and reason for getting up in the morning. As a man who has worked hard for his mechanical engineering degree, many prestigious job opportunities have been presented to Glenn throughout his life. And yet, Mr. Oliveria sticks to his passion, for he is a man who understands the value of following one’s dreams.

Story Structure

  • What’s the narrative spine of your piece?
    • The narrative spine, or driving events of our story are Glenn’s chronological journey into the Alfa community, as well as the charity race event coming soon.
  • What are your main characters? What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?
    • Our main character is Glenn, but we will also be giving some screen time and interview footage with the people who attend Glenn’s lunch meetings, other Alfa enthusiasts, and Glenn’s neighbors. We have plenty of footage of Glenn’s shop for b-roll as well as plans to capture footage at the CSRG racing event in October.
  • How is conflict driving your story?
    • There is always conflict when an individual decides to pursue passion over a well-paying career. There is a level of overcoming adversity to be found in the pursuit of one’s passion as a lifelong and all consuming career and lifestyle.
  • What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?
    • The change and journey we are trying to take our audience through is the decision to pursue what you are passionate about, struggling through the difficulties, to ultimately realizing your dreams and passion as they come to fruition and essentially become your new reality.
  • What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?
    • The inciting incident of this story is Glenn opening Oliveria Engineering. The point of entry is past, in that the introduction will likely begin with some background on Glenn and the Alfa community.
  • What issues do you foresee making your piece visually strong?
    • This particular piece is visually driven and will have no issues as far as visuals go. We are collecting footage and stills of Glenn, Oliveria Engineering, Glenn’s lunch meetings, the CSRG race event, and possibly some organic driving footage.

Shop Visit

I was able to come by Glenn’s shop to further continue our interview and poke around the shop.  Glenn had a buddy there who had brought his 1960 Giulia Sprint Speciale by for some work and to prep for the upcoming Charity Challenge race they are both racing in this October.  The event is actually where they met and became good friends with a shared love for Alfa’s.  

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.00.15 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.59.47 PM

There was also a super clean Giulia Sprint GT, I believe early 70’s, that had been in the shop for a few days. Glenn told me it had run in some historical races, and it also holds “Historical Vehicle” plates. Could be an original. The interior was in the best condition compared to other GT’s I’ve seen in the shop.


Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.01.02 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.01.19 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.01.02 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.00.35 PM

Petrolicious and Alfa

Petrolicious is a group who creates weekly videos for their channel on Youtube as well as constant posts on their blog website. 

Petrolicious Website

Petrolicious YouTube

Petrolicious Vimeo

I have followed them and watched their work for quite a while. I really enjoy the stylistic filming of the cars and their owners, and it really has become a model for what I want my work to look like. Especially in the making of this documentary.

This particular story is about Manuel Leon Minassian, who is an avid Alfa Romeo driver, racer, and collector. He is one of many who share a strong passion for these classic automobiles and the timeless designs that will never get old.


These other videos are similar in that they show the love these owners and admirers share among the Alfa community.




The Lunch Group

After returning to Glenn’s shop a few times and getting consent to document some of his work and story, he invited me to come by during a group lunch that he has everyday.  I had came with my computer and questions ready to start getting Glenn’s story together.  It was a pleasant surprise to walk to their back patio area and see 4 guys sitting around a picnic table eating packed lunches, reading old car magazines, and talking about which engines performed best.

Personal Photo: Glenn (right) and a friend getting ready for lunch hour.

They all warmly greeted me and pulled out a chair for me to join.  Some had been long-term friends while one other was a friend he made at the Charity Challenge race at Sonoma Raceway. As I started to ask Glenn some questions about his childhood, the others would add in their stories and their experiences with cars as teenagers, and how they all became hooked. They all shared some wild stories about building frankenstein cars with as little as 50 dollars or less.  One man was reminiscing on a bet he made with his dad after buying a chevy.  It didn’t run, but the bet was that if he got it working then he could keep it.  After a week or so of the dad seeing the work he started putting into it, he ended up making his son sell it.

Personal Photo: Glenn’s stack of old car magazines. The center of the lunch group.

It’s great to hear stories and memories like these, and every guy at the table had completely different experiences, childhoods, as well as careers. However, the Alfa’s are what brought them all to be such close friends. Even people from the neighborhood come into the shop to help him with his recycling or trash runs, including a very interesting lady who’s family has known Glenn for quite some time. She was more than happy to agree to an interview about the shop and added that it would be a great documentary as well as quite funny because of Glenn’s personality.

Personal Photo: After lunch is right back to work! Glenn working out the alignment on an old Giulia Sprint GT.


Glenn actually invited me to come to lunch hour during the weeks when I can, and he is certainly excited to be in this documentary.  I’m planning to go there at least once a week to meet with Glenn and his buddies for lunch hour while I continue to talk and interview him, as well as all of the interesting people who frequent the shop. He has certainly built a small community of close friends and good people from the East Bay and beyond.