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My Friend Neron Final Cut

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Final Critique Notes

  • Move introduction of pet dogs to the beginning
  • Move puppy raiser interview to the end
  • Neron stuff first
  • More of Neron being a service dog
  • Music is a little long
  • 1st person account first
  • Meet Katie and Georgianna together

Rough Cut Feedbacks/Critique

  • Show Katie with Neron while doing daily things and errands
  • Show their bond
  • Make the interviews more visually interesting
  • Introduce Katie’s mom and Georgianna and the other two dogs
  • Add animations
  • Title needs to fit with the documentary

Our Introduction and Conclusion Ideas

The introduction starts with Katie Kobyluch introducing herself and talking about her hobbies. There will be an A-roll footage of her explaining her disability, which is Cerebral Palsy. Then, Katie mentions how it was like before having Neron around and her parents being the ones to help her out. Now that Neron is with her, he gives her the confidence to be alone. Our logo appears and then fades into the title of the film, followed by a dog bark to punctuate the title. The main music, “Life of Riley,” kicks in and a picture of Neron and Katie walking on the sidewalk appears.

In the conclusion, Katie mentions that Neron gives her the confidence to go out in the public. While she’s talking, the soundtrack changes to the “Carefree” music. Then, she talks about how when people see service dogs, they get the thought that they don’t play or have fun like normal dogs. Katie mentions how Neron is like off-duty. While she talks, there will be a B-roll and a picture of Neron interacting with a puppy. Then, Katie quotes that service dogs are dogs too and they deserve the same love normal dogs get.

Story Elements

The narrative spine of our piece is how Neron has changed the life of Katie Kobyluch and helped her cope with her disability.

The main characters are Katie Kobyluch and Neron. Our plan is to show action shots of Neron assisting Katie while she talks.

The conflict of this project is how Katie struggled in her life before having Neron around.

The way we want to show the change is by introducing the conflict at the beginning and gradually adding in the chronological event of meeting and getting to know Neron. Our film will embody how Katie’s life changed for the better thanks to Neron.

The inciting incident is when Katie got Neron. The point of entry is in the past before Katie met Neron.

We might have some audio issues since we will be filming outside.

Our Approach to the Project

This project will be interview based and casual, along with an upbeat tone. The main focus will be Katie Kobyluch. Also, the film will go to the direction of verite portrait with some journalistic elements. We do plan on adding more drawn images just like how the Final Pitch video had the drawn images to fit with the style of the website.