Monthly Archives: July 2015

Story Elements

The narrative spine of our piece is how Neron has changed the life of Katie Kobyluch and helped her cope with her disability.

The main characters are Katie Kobyluch and Neron. Our plan is to show action shots of Neron assisting Katie while she talks.

The conflict of this project is how Katie struggled in her life before having Neron around.

The way we want to show the change is by introducing the conflict at the beginning and gradually adding in the chronological event of meeting and getting to know Neron. Our film will embody how Katie’s life changed for the better thanks to Neron.

The inciting incident is when Katie got Neron. The point of entry is in the past before Katie met Neron.

We might have some audio issues since we will be filming outside.

Our Approach to the Project

This project will be interview based and casual, along with an upbeat tone. The main focus will be Katie Kobyluch. Also, the film will go to the direction of verite portrait with some journalistic elements. We do plan on adding more drawn images just like how the Final Pitch video had the drawn images to fit with the style of the website.