About the Project


What's the deal? Selling weed illegally, now that the government has legalized using as well as selling it. What's the deal?


I will be interviewing my subject at his house. Onscreen, his face and voice will be distorted so as to not incriminate the subject.


I want to tell the story of this street hustler, forced to out-hustle the government just to make a now honest living. Where the government has strong-armed the lucritive marijuana dispensing business. I want to show the determination of an everyman, determined to support his family, where his biggest competitor, the government, has the power to arrest and charge him with a crime to eliminate him as a financial rival.




For now, I am unable to say this man's name. Until I figure out my course of action, I will refer, pun intended, to him as John Doe. I will work towards getting some credited experts. Ranging from but not limited too, user's, sellers and law enforcement.


The main locations will be John's houses of business. As well as his condition stipulated free delivery service. In other words, if you purchase enough, he will deliver.


My project is about selling weed. It's been around forever, but is also now a cultural phenomenom. But most importantly to me, its medicinal purposes outweigh the so-called bad things that are said about the plant. I will touch on the many health benefits associated with ghanja. 


It has a definite history. It is most definitely a current event. Unfortunately its annual holiday, 4/20, has already passed. I may be lucky enough to find a festival or two. If all else fails, I'll attend some local smoke outs. But the main focus will always return to John and his dealings.


My key audience will hopefully consist of users, dealers, law enforcement, critics and advocates. I often catch similar stories on Nat Geo and The Discovery Channel to name a couple of entities with similar stories.


I will approach my project as unbiased as I possibly can, since I am on John and individuals like him, side. This is a capitalistic country. Also, I believe weed is great for health, business and social use. I will conduct interviews, purchase from the street as well as a legal dispensary. I have to be aware of my surroundings when buying on the street. And monitor the governmental tax involvement which makes it possible for the rich to sale and get richer. While the poor are forced to sneak around like hardcore drug dealers, avoiding narcs and such, to make a living and help the sick at the same time.


I'm interested for several reasons. The main one being that I love how weed made me feel during my smoking days. I've watched family and friends depend on the medical effects weed has on them when dealing with body pain and terminal illnesses.

We need weed. Weed needs us.