What’s the Deal?


20160615_135014What's the deal? Now that the government has legalized using as well as selling marijuana, how is todays street hustler maintaing and surviving?

Here's how one man, we will call him Robert to maintain his anonymity, must adapt to recent legislature that has legalized weed. It is both of our opinion that this law and others similar to it, were passed to eliminate the average Joe. Also allowing Uncle Sam to tax a commodity that grows wild on the planet.

The Mind of Robert…

We will find out where Robert's head is at the moment. How is business since the legalization of pot? Has business slowed or picked up? Does he have mainly one or two strains? Or does he have a variety of weed types to keep up with the dispensaries? 

Ghetto Lavurt

My name is Delency Parham Sr.

I am here @ Ex'pressions to get my B.A. in Sound Arts.

Creative energy is my life force. Sometimes it just comes from the universe. Often times they are heightened by my mind being in an Altered State.

Ten years from now I will be near or at the top of the music mastering world.

I've had many creative influence's. The earliest and most important being my paternal grandfather, Clarence Thomas Sr.

A brilliant, self-taught musician in his own right, he played many different instruments, with the saxophone and the piano being the most prolific.

My main creative gift to the world is music. I either write or freestyle(come up with lyrics on the spot, off the top of the dome), in or out of the booth.

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