About the Project

Instead of just talking about making a game, we’re actually going to make a game.

Every 4 months a game jam called Ludum Dare takes place. It’s a contest that challenge developers to create an entire video game revolving around a given theme in 72 hours.

It’s an incredibly difficult task that only has two rules:

1. Work alone, or in a team.

2. Create a game in 72 hours.

The lack of rules might make the contest seem easy, but it’s not.

The average AAA video game takes years of development time. For instance, Call of Duty has a 3 year development cycle, with three separate studios. This allows them to turn out a game every year, and creates the illusion that game development takes a lot less time and effort than it actually does. They have months of preplanning, huge teams of experienced developers, and the funding to back it all.

With Ludum Dare, we’re going to have to condense the entire multi year cycle into 3 days.

The theme for the challenge is announced at the start of the competition, which means we will have no time to prepare, and everything we do is on the clock.

Designing, programming, debugging, 3D modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, testing, scrapping, reworking, composing,  sleeping, eating, crying, sitting and sound designing are some of the many things that have to be done in 72 hours.

We will start rooming together before the contest, have begun assembling a team, and started preparation on our development workflow with a game separate from the jam.

Obviously we will have full access to record and document the jam in our apartment for 3 days. We will be live streaming, using screen capture software to record the game from start to finish, and possibly using another camera to shoot a timelapse of the room we’ll be in.

If the project goes forward, we will need extra people to setup cameras, lights, and sound for an interview setting. These will be setup before the jam begins and remain static for the duration of the contest. Interviews with those of us working on the game will take place every few hours, and will answer what we’re currently working on, how the project is coming, if we’re encountering problems, and how we plan on fixing them.


We both have some development experience, and are excited to take on this challenge as a team.

The next jam starts April 17th.

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