Possible Intro and Ending?


Our documentary will start one hour before the end of the game jam. The opening shot will be an over the shoulder of view of Jason or I playing a close to finished build of the game. While we’re playing, there will be a voiceover talking about what’s left to finish in the game, and how little time we have to finish it. This will establish a conflict quickly, and give the viewer something interesting to watch while we discuss the game jam. After showing the gameplay with voiceover from our interview for a bit, we’ll cut from game footage and show us, the people talking and making the game, continuing the interview.


However the game jam goes, good or bad, the documentary will end on a high note of showing the finished game being played, and an interview of Jason and I talking about doing more game jams. Outside of the class, Jason and I have decided to do more jams, and whether or not this one goes well, it’ll be a learning experience for everyone involved.