Script for Pitch

Here be the tentative version of our pitch script: 

COOPER is “debugging” by slamming his head on the keyboard
COOPER notices audience and turns towards camera
COOPER: “Oh, sorry! I didn’t see you there, I was just debugging some of my code in preperation for a game jam coming up on April 17th!”
JASON kicks the door in
JASON thrusts his hand forward, revealing a jar of jam labeled “Game”
COOPER slaps the jar of jam out of Jason’s hand
COOPER: “NO! That’s NOT what a game jam is”

COOPER and JASON sit at a table together
COOPER: “The Game Jam we’ll be doing, Ludum Dare is a 72 hour race against the clock to create a game from scratch. Every Ludum Dare has a unique theme that is announced at the beginning of the event.”
JASON: “Ludum Dare is the ultimate test for any game developer. Video games are usually created over the course of a few years by large teams of developers, with big budgets.”
COOPER: “…and we don’t have ANY of those things.”
JASON: “Then.. …how are we going to make a game?”

JASON and COOPER sit at their computers, slamming on their computers and screaming at the top of their lungs

COOPER and JASON sit at the table together
COOPER: “Without any resources and limited development experience in an environment where every minute counts, we will have to constantly iterate, problem solve, and redesign our game.
JASON: Ludum Dare games hardly ever conform to the standard conventions found in most video games, and rarely end up as they were originally invisioned.
COOPER: While all Ludum Dare games are unique, both the skill of the developers and the spontaneous nature of the event determine the quality of the game.
JASON: Not only are we going to create a game and document the entire process. Ludum Dare, by it’s nature, will let us explore game development in a way that neither research nor traditional development could.
COOPER: In short, rather than just talk about making a game, we’re actually going to make a game.
JASON: And THEN talk about it.