My Previous Ludum Dare Experience

 There are many challenges that we’ll face throughout the jam. Version control, bugs, collaboration, time constraints, and scope creep to name a few.

Just to show that we are capable of making something and fully completing a game for the jam, here’s the game I made for Ludum Dare 30:

It’s called, “PLuTO.”

An image of the death screen from PLuTO.

I did everything for this game from scratch for the 48 hour jam. I designed the game, wrote the code, made the animations/graphics, created the music and sound effects, and managed to submit my game for judging with a few minutes to spare.

A zoomed out shot of the universe you can explore in PLuTO.

I have no doubt that with the help of Jason, Quintin, and Pierce, plus and extra 24 hours, we should be able to make a pretty kickass experience.