Combining Projects

After midterms, Jason and I decided to merge our projects and work together.

Jason was going to make a single 3D model over the course of 8 weeks and talk about the entire process from start to finish.

I was going to interview game developers and talk about the entire process of making a game from start to finish.

Now, we’re going to work together with a few classmates to create a game for a 72 hour event, Ludum Dare. Jason quite possibly could be making dozens of models in 3 days, and instead of talking to developers about making a game, I’ll actually be coding and collaborating with others to actually make a game.

We truly have our work cut out for us, but with my previous experience doing game jams, and Jason’s background in software development, we should be able to make something worth checking out.


Here’s a link to my old site:

Here’s a link to Jason’s old site: