Add a contact page

This tutorial is to help you create a professional looking contact page for people to send you private messages regarding your blog.

  1. Go to Plugins and activate Gravity Forms.

  2. A link called Forms should now appear on your dashboard’s sidebar. Hover over it and click New Form.

  3. Hover over Untitled Form and click on it. Edit options should pop up. Edit the title to say Contact and edit the description to your own liking.

  4. Click on the Confirmation tab and edit the Confirmation Message to your own liking. This is what shows up after somebody submits a message to you.

  5. Under Standard Fields, click on Single Line Text. A new box should pop up underneath Form Settings. Under Title, type Name and check off the box for Required.

  6. Repeat Step 5 and title it Email. This should also be Required.

  7. Make another Single Line Text box and title it Website/Blog. Click on the Advanced tab and under Default Value and Insert Merge Tag, type http://, so people don’t forget it!

  8. Repeat Step 5 and title it Subject. This should be Required.

  9. Under Standard Fields, click Paragraph Text, title it Message and check off the box for Required.

  10. Under Standard Fields, click HTML, remove the title, and paste this into Content:

    <style type="text/css">

    This is to remove the comment box as it is unnecessary for this page.

  11. At the bottom of the right column, click Update Form.

  12. Hover over Pages on your dashboard sidebar and click Add New.

  13. Title the page Contact. Next to Add Media should be an Add Form button. Click on that, select Contact, and uncheck the box for Display form title. Insert the form and publish your page.

You’re finished! You should have a contact link next to the rest of your pages. Make sure everything showed up and that the formatting is correct.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to comment below or use the handy contact form I created with the same steps ^_____^

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