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My personal opinion on sexism and cosplay:

I believe that sexism is prevalent in cosplay, and that because the cosplay community is growing larger and more mainstream, the incidents of harassment and misogyny are becoming more common and known to the public.

I believe that most media outlets, especially comic books, objectify and sexualize females without giving them real depth of character or exploring their stories further. I believe that the comic book industry mainly caters to male fantasy without much thought for their female audience.

However, I believe that the world has doomed women to criticism no matter what they look like or what they’re wearing. If a woman is considered unattractive, she is insulted for not being “hot” enough to fill the role. If she is considered attractive, she is called out as a faker and not considered a “true fan”.

I believe that a woman should be able to dress in whatever she wants to dress in, assuming it’s appropriate for the occasion. At a comic convention – why not? She should be proud of the costume and look she worked on, and at least respected in terms of personal boundaries and feedback. She should not have to bear criticism simply because she didn’t buy the best costume or because she’s 150 pounds instead of 110 pounds, too short, too tall, too something or other. She should be able to cosplay as the character she wants, because isn’t that what it’s all about?

Sexual Harassment at Conventions


Ker-pow! Women kick back against comic-book sexism →

A group of femaleĀ comicĀ bookĀ fans in the US are currently preparing to launch a movement against harassment atĀ comicĀ conventions in conjunction with social campaigns website

“Physical and verbal harassment are widespread atĀ comicĀ conventions and other geek-oriented cons – not just of attendees, but guests and staff as well,” says Jessica Plummer, one of the organisers of the petition calling for the adoption of anti-harassment polices.

“I’ve seen reports of everything from inappropriate comments to rape. I’ve seen women groped by strangers because they were in costume,” she says.

"Art: Ker-pow! Women kick back against comic-book sexism: Women are sidelined at big comic publishers and sexually harassed at conventions, but a British-made, female-driven anthology heralds a cultural shift that may change all that."GuardianĀ [London, England] 29 Dec. 2011: 10.Ā Popular Magazines. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.