Creepshots And Consent In Cosplay →

Taking pictures of someone’s ass, specifically, rather than of their whole costume from the front, is a sexual act. The fact that folks are doing so furtively, attempting to avoid an interaction that might lead to their being denied permission for their actions, suggests that they’re pretty aware they’re doing so without consent. And if you know you’re sneaking around, and also want to be a decent person, that should probably make you think… Cosplay is not a permission slip. There isn’t a lower level of scrutiny for people who take furtive shots of a woman’s behind at a convention or while she’s at school. A creepshot is still a creepshot, no matter where it’s taken and what a woman is wearing.

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Interview with Touhou Cosplayers

My Vimeo account is back up and running! Here’s the next interview with two Touhou cosplayers (Yuuka and Yukari) I met at Animation on Display.

I’m still not sure who the blonde cosplayer is cosplaying, so if you know, please enlighten me in the comments!

Found out the correct name and have updated the post.

AoD Cosplayers


I attended Animation on Display at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco this past Saturday, and this was actually the first time I’d ever been to a convention. Ever. Crazy, right? I took one of my best friends and my younger sister to help me get some great interviews for the project!

A few of the awesome cosplayers I met and (some) interviewed on Saturday –

  1. Yuuka (Touhou), Tenshi Hinanawi (Touhou), the Engineer (Team Fortress 2), Yukari (Touhou)
  2. A Jedi, myself, and a Clone Trooper variant (Star Wars cosplay)
  3. Tuxedo Mask, Avengers-themed Sailor Scouts (Loki, Captain America, and Iron Man), and myself (Sailor Moon/Avengers cosplay)


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The original artwork that the Avengers-themed Sailor Scouts based their costumes on:

The original artwork that the Avengers-themed Sailor Scouts based their costumes on.

The original artwork that the Avengers-themed Sailor Scouts based their costumes on.

I’ll be posting up interviews in a few days so stay tuned! If you are the last cosplayer or know which character she cosplayed, please let me know in the comments!

Cosplay Ain’t Comics – But Neither is Misogyny


Cosplay Ain’t Comics – But Neither is Misogyny →

See, that’s kind of the root of it all, isn’t it? The belief that as a geek guy, you’re entitled to the affections of an attractive woman in cosplay. The belief that you will be rewarded with the geek-girl of your dreams, that she’s just going to drop into your lap even if you don’t really make an effort to treat her like a human being. No matter how rude you are to a woman, or no matter how much you can’t move past thinking of her as an object in a costume that you can have sex with, that you are entitled and deserve her attention and affections.

And when she doesn’t give it to you because you’re not her type, or she already has a boyfriend, or she’s not interested, or because you just plain old don’t deserve it because you are rude and horrible? Then she’s obviously not really a geek girl, because geek girl’s are designed by god to have sex with and cater to you. All based on one mutual interest.

Cosplayers aren’t comics, no, but neither is misogyny. Cosplay breaths life into already brilliant work, lifting it off the pages and letting everyone have just a tiny slice of reality to go with their fiction. Misogyny closes ranks, excludes community members makes you look like an asshole. It does nothing.

Cosplay is appreciation and celebration. Misogyny and judging women like produce based on their ‘geek cred’ or legitimacy is hatred. Learn the difference.

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The “Fake Geek Girl” Has Got to Go


The “Fake Geek Girl” Has Got to Go →

You demean women who cosplay as attention seekers in skimpy outfits, ignoring that they didn’t create those outfits, WE did … At the core of it all, for some insane reason, you are so threatened by the presence of women in your interests that you insult, you cajole, you harrass, and you embarrass the rest of us who are just happy to share. You slam women who are attractive and cosplay as NOT REAL NERDS, THEY’RE PREYING ON US POOR WIDDLE MENZ! And when they’re not as attractive as you’d like, you slam them for not meeting your standards. Or you slam them for daring not to give you the time of day when you grope and harass and hit on them. And if you look like me while doing it, that’s even more hilariously hypocritical and out of touch with reality. She’s not there for YOU, bro.

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