Interview Questions

Assignment: Make a blog post stating who you will interview for your blog. Include 10-15 interview questions.

Since I interviewed before receiving this assignment, I will post the questions I asked the cosplayers at Animation on Display.

  1. What negative experiences have you had with cosplaying?
  2. Have you ever been put down or insulted in person? Describe.
  3. Why do you think people gave you negative feedback?
  4. (cont) Was it your costume, appearance, weight, looks?
  5. Do you think girls get criticized for their cosplaying more often than guys? How so?
  6. What do you think of the “fake geek girl” concept?
  7. Have other’s opinions ever stopped you from wearing a certain costume? Describe.
  8. Should women be allowed to wear what they want without fear of criticism, leering, or other negative feedback, even if the costume is “sexy”, revealing, and/or skintight? Why?
  9. Have any cosplaying experiences in the news/media particularly stood out to you?
  10. What advice do you have for female cosplayers who are afraid to cosplay because of all the negative feedback?

Ex’pression Radio ID

Assignment: Record a station ID for ExRadio. “I’m _______ and you’re listening to, streaming from Ex’pression College in Emeryville, California.” Feel free to rewrite/revise as you like. Add any music or sound effects you want.

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Assignment: Write and record a voiceover capturing the core concept of your project. Post your voiceover script to your blog. You can use your “About This Blog” or a favorite post for material. Add music and/or sound design as needed.

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Cosplaying, or “costume playing”, is the art of dressing up and imitating a character from a comic book, manga, anime, movie, or other media. A cosplayer will typically buy or create a costume to wear for photoshoots, comic and anime conventions, and various other events.

Sexism in cosplay is a relatively unknown topic to the general public. While many males are forgiven for relative unattractiveness and/or poor costume design, females are thrown into the spotlight whether they like it or not. When a female is considered unattractive, she is ridiculed and shamed both in person and on the Internet. When a female is considered attractive and fits her costume well, she is told she is “fake”, not a true fan, and is cosplaying simply for the attention it brings her from male admirers. She is often verbally harassed. Shouldn’t women be able to dress up as the character without the backlash?

I plan to document various incidents, opinions, and photos related to the topic of sexism in cosplay. I will interview amateur and professional cosplayers for their views on this. I also plan to interview people who are unfamiliar with the community in order to find out more mainstream views.

CSS Tutorial Updates


I updated the CSS tutorial to simplify the process – you no longer have to add a form to all your posts and pages. Instead, the CSS goes into one of your footer widgets which shows up on every page!



Creepshots And Consent In Cosplay →

Taking pictures of someone’s ass, specifically, rather than of their whole costume from the front, is a sexual act. The fact that folks are doing so furtively, attempting to avoid an interaction that might lead to their being denied permission for their actions, suggests that they’re pretty aware they’re doing so without consent. And if you know you’re sneaking around, and also want to be a decent person, that should probably make you think… Cosplay is not a permission slip. There isn’t a lower level of scrutiny for people who take furtive shots of a woman’s behind at a convention or while she’s at school. A creepshot is still a creepshot, no matter where it’s taken and what a woman is wearing.

Rosenberg, Alyssa. "Creepshots And Consent In Cosplay." ThinkProgress. Center for American Progress Action Fund, 30 Oct. 2012. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. <>.

Interview with Touhou Cosplayers

My Vimeo account is back up and running! Here’s the next interview with two Touhou cosplayers (Yuuka and Yukari) I met at Animation on Display.

I’m still not sure who the blonde cosplayer is cosplaying, so if you know, please enlighten me in the comments!

Found out the correct name and have updated the post.

New Site Section!


Ex’pression LMW students:

This isn’t cosplay-related, but I’ve created a dropdown section titled WordPress How-To in the top navigation that will contain nifty ways to edit and change your theme while still abiding by the restrictions set by Ex’pression IT. Let me know what you think!

Vimeo spammer?


I attempted to upload interviews directly from iMovie to Vimeo, and attempted to make a video public after uploading it as private. Vimeo marked me as a spammer and took away my uploading and editing privileges! I’ve contacted the staff to lift the ban, but until then, I won’t be able to share any interviews with you :/ Keep checking back for more updates!