Further Development and Fanime 2013


Thank you so much for your continued support! As a team, we’ve decided to take the project further and lengthen our documentary. We’ll be setting up a website outside of Ex’pression!

We’ll also be filming at this year’s Fanime in San Jose! Casey, Hayley, and I will be cosplaying and working the camera, so let us know if you’re interested in meeting us or possibly being part of the movie!

See you at the con!

On the road


We’re about to leave for San Diego! Somehow we fit five people, five duffel bags, multiple pillows and stuffed animals, food, and a Pyramid Head cosplay into one tiny Honda Accord. Hayley will be driving the group by herself, since her car is the only one we can take and none of us can drive manual. Pray that we get there in one piece! We’ll be posting many more updates after we get back.

Convention filming


Anime Conji, here we come! At first I was unsure if we were going to be able to film at a convention since there weren’t any happening in the Bay Area during April. But it happened that we mentioned Anime Conji, a San Diego convention, to our instructor, and he was enthusiastic about the idea. So, last minute, we are planning a road trip to San Diego. Hopefully everything works out!

Documentary status


My project got selected to be made into a real documentary! Many thanks to everybody who’s been helping me to create this awesome project!!!

Please welcome Hayley, Casey, Tracy, and Leanne to this project!


I was having some difficulties uploading these videos to iMovie, so I’ve uploaded the raw videos instead. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the edited videos out this coming week!

My personal opinion on sexism and cosplay:

I believe that sexism is prevalent in cosplay, and that because the cosplay community is growing larger and more mainstream, the incidents of harassment and misogyny are becoming more common and known to the public.

I believe that most media outlets, especially comic books, objectify and sexualize females without giving them real depth of character or exploring their stories further. I believe that the comic book industry mainly caters to male fantasy without much thought for their female audience.

However, I believe that the world has doomed women to criticism no matter what they look like or what they’re wearing. If a woman is considered unattractive, she is insulted for not being “hot” enough to fill the role. If she is considered attractive, she is called out as a faker and not considered a “true fan”.

I believe that a woman should be able to dress in whatever she wants to dress in, assuming it’s appropriate for the occasion. At a comic convention – why not? She should be proud of the costume and look she worked on, and at least respected in terms of personal boundaries and feedback. She should not have to bear criticism simply because she didn’t buy the best costume or because she’s 150 pounds instead of 110 pounds, too short, too tall, too something or other. She should be able to cosplay as the character she wants, because isn’t that what it’s all about?