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This is an Ex’pression College “Living in a Media World” blog.

Cosplaying, or “costume playing”, is the art of dressing up and imitating a character from a comic book, manga, anime, movie, or other media. A cosplayer will typically buy or create a costume to wear for photoshoots, comic and anime conventions, and various other events.

A few of the cosplayers I interviewed at Animation on Display.

Discrimination against female cosplayers is a relatively unknown topic to the general public. While many males are forgiven for relative unattractiveness and/or poor costume design, females are thrown into the spotlight whether they like it or not. When a female is considered unattractive, she is ridiculed and shamed both in person and on the Internet. When a female is considered attractive and fits her costume well, she is told she is “fake”, not a true fan, and is cosplaying simply for the attention it brings her from male admirers. She is often verbally harassed. Shouldn’t women be able to dress up as the character without the backlash?

In this documentary, we follow several women as they relate their negative experiences and growing issues with the cosplay community. We will explain why cosplay is so important to many people and fandoms, and how you can help promote respect for female cosplayers.

Cosplaying isn’t just for the “pretty people” or “true” fans. Cosplay is for everybody.

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  1. I think females should be given the equal rights as per men. They deserve. And I guess wearing females who perform cosplay are more cuter and attractive than male characters. So what’s the discrimination about? :/ And I love your line “Cosplaying isn’t just for the “pretty people” or “true” fans. Cosplay is for everybody.”…. Yes it is for everyone mate 🙂

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