Sexual Harassment at Conventions

Ker-pow! Women kick back against comic-book sexism →

A group of female comic book fans in the US are currently preparing to launch a movement against harassment at comic conventions in conjunction with social campaigns website

“Physical and verbal harassment are widespread at comic conventions and other geek-oriented cons – not just of attendees, but guests and staff as well,” says Jessica Plummer, one of the organisers of the petition calling for the adoption of anti-harassment polices.

“I’ve seen reports of everything from inappropriate comments to rape. I’ve seen women groped by strangers because they were in costume,” she says.

"Art: Ker-pow! Women kick back against comic-book sexism: Women are sidelined at big comic publishers and sexually harassed at conventions, but a British-made, female-driven anthology heralds a cultural shift that may change all that."Guardian [London, England] 29 Dec. 2011: 10. Popular Magazines. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.