Assignment: Use Illustrator to create the following logo designs

  • Iconic/symbolic: use image only (simple shapes).
  • Logotype/wordmark: use type only.
  • Combination: image+type.
  • best of 1, 2 or 3 with color.


The first logo is for a personal website, Elletricity.com. Elletricity is a play on words with my name – Elle (which can be a nickname for Gabrielle), and electricity. In the lightbulb, which represents electricity, the wire inside that powers the lightbulb is shaped like an E for Elletricity.

The second logo is a personal one – 嘉恩 is my Chinese name, pronounced Jia En. The logo resembles a seal or chop – Chinese people use these to sign official documents, similar to signing with a signature. Most chops are carved with the bearer’s name; others can have words or even pictograms to represent the bearer. In this case, I used my name.

Sexism in cosplay is my official topic for LMW 1. The cat ears represent the cosplay aspect. The font for “Sexism” is light and script-like to represent the feminine aspect of the topic, while “Cosplay” is in a bold, masculine typeface, to represent the sexist aspect of the topic.

I colored my “chop” logo red because Chinese people usually use red ink with their chop.

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