Interesting turn of events

I knew that getting interviewees for this blog project might be difficult, but I imagined it to be due to lack of individuals willing to go out on that limb. I posted some ads asking for volunteers to talk about what being a furry means to them in a few furry forums. One of the forum moderators felt the need to delete my post to "protect the group [as a whole] from exposure." I'll admit, this took me by surprise. All of my interviewees would have been volunteers and I wasn't going to do any data mining from the group as a whole. Indeed, I wasn't going to mention the group at all. I'm still not going to mention which group it was. Hopefully the few leads I managed to get before my post was taken down will pan out.

I have several pages planned out. Stay tuned in the next few days for new pages, new posts, and several pieces of artwork…both mine and from other (more talented) artists!

What IS a furry?

The question of what a furry is, is one we'll be covering in this blog.


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Furry Collage

A small art project I did for class. It's supposed to represent some interpretation of "Where Are You?" Even though I didn't want to, I knew I HAD to represent those against Furries. The guy in the pic doesn't even look enthused to be there…so why is he outside of a furry convention preaching hate? You've got me 🙁


Blog Proposal

The topic of this blog is promoting an understanding of the furry community as a whole. When people understand something, they are less likely to hate it or the people surrounding it. This blog will also serve as a base of information for people curious about furries or how to become involved in the furry community either online or off.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What is a furry
  • What is a fursuiter
  • Species Dysphoria
  • Furry spirituality
  • Why its linked with the fetish community
  • Bestiality/Zoophilia
  • Online resources
  • Art
  • Fan Conventions

Documentary Ideas

This blog is designed to have an actual purpose – be the basis for a documentary…


  1. Long distance relationships in the Global Community – as the world gets smaller, what constitutes long distance?
  2. The ethics of suffering – if you can end suffering, should you?
  3. Social networking addictions – when you just have to post one more tweet or you will DIE!
  4. Hypocrisy in the kink/fetish community – That's not my kink, so I don't like it
    • What is taboo when the whole society is taboo
    • Littles and Mommies/Daddies – Not pedophelia
    • Furries – Fetish, lifestyle, spiritualism, or species dysmorphia
    • Fursuiters – where do they fit in?
  5. When long distance shortens to down the hall – what happens when your ldr partner comes to visit for a few months

Intro Post

Who are you?

Hmm, that’s a very good question. We could get existential in all this and discuss whether any of us actually know who we are, but let’s not and say we did.

• What brings you to Ex’pression College?

Most recently, I hale from Iowa. Iowa is a nice place…for some people. But part of what makes Iowa nice is also one of the things that drove me crazy. Iowa is a slower way of life. Being in the middle of the country, it takes longer for technology/fashion/what-have-you to reach popularity. I’ve known that I desire a faster paced life for quite some time, but I had been working on my education which kept me there.

In my educational pursuits I was also thwarted. Being very digitally oriented, I desired to pursue a career in digital education and entertainment. This area is severely lacking in terms of education programs in Iowa. I was in three or four different schools, and always I was frustrated by the lack of understanding of what I wanted to achieve. I heard about Ex’pression College, around the same time as I broke up with my boyfriend of three and a bit years, and decided “What the hell.” The times they were a-changin, and I figured I could afford to change with them. I have always loved the West Coast, especially California and even more especially – San Francisco. Already knowing someone who was in the Bay Area for schooling gave me someplace to start.


• What drives you creatively?

A lot of my creativity comes from a desire to show others that there are many ways of viewing something. I like having a decidedly dark edge to my art, but sometimes that’s just not possible. I let what’s going on in my mind be the thing that drives me. If I don’t know how to do something, I will seek out the skills I need until I complete it. I refuse to let anything limit my self-expression, internal or external forces be damned!


• What would you like to be doing ten years from now?

In ten years, I see myself incredibly happy being undeniably, creatively ME! I would like to either still be in the Bay Area, or perhaps in the Pacific Northwest – the Seattle/Bellevue area. With the insane rate technology is changing, it’s nearly impossible to say what I will be doing.  However, the nature of my endeavors will probably settle towards mixing education and entertainment in affordable and easily available ways. Wait…what does that mean anyways? It means that I will find someway to use my skills to make learning fun for everyone!

Ten years from now, I see me being just as close to my friends and family as I am now, if not closer. Perhaps there will be a new addition or two to the family. Love happens, it’s a fact of life. Who are we to ignore its call?


• What are your biggest influences?

One of the biggest influences I can never escape is my upbringing. I was raised with a love of reading and learning that has shaped how I see the world irreparably. I approach each new situation as one I can learn from. Even when teaching something to others, there are still possibilities to learn new things. I owe most of that upbringing to my mom, who raised my brother and me on the income of a single disabled parent. Maybe we didn’t have crazy fancy gadgets, but we always had what we needed with a few luxuries thrown in for good measure. Money has never been important to me. Actually, I find the concept of money quite confusing. If you need something, you should be able to get it – end of story. I was given every opportunity to stretch my creative wings. Had I been more physically inclined, I’m sure I would have been given every opportunity in that department. My mom did the best she possibly could for me, and doing anything less than my best in return is just not acceptable.

In more recent terms, I enjoy taking influence from the past. Reading one of the classics, or watching a movie that is still relevant fifty plus years in the future, is simply a joy. Finding aspects of history that stir something inside of you is a feeling equal to none. History is cyclic; if you wait long enough, the knowlege you’ve gained from learning the past will be relevant to the future.


• What do you create?

I create whatever I can, whenever I can. I am a singer. I’m a writer/storyteller/poet. I’m a photographer and a digital artist. I enjoy allowing others to see the world as I see it. Showing them things they might not have seen on their own, or showing it to them in a whole new light. I create jewelry; it’s a way of bringing beauty into this world and letting someone carry it around with them. I have never made two identical pieces, and I don’t know if I ever shall. There’s something about the individuality of each piece that just feels right to me. Recently, I’ve begun more “traditional” art workings: pencil and paper. This is mostly thanks to Ex’pression College for forcing it on me. Sometimes it takes a little force to make you doing something good for yourself.

Sometimes I have these things in my head and I know that if I don’t get them out, surely shall I be driven insane! Sometimes I create simply to keep from going mad, then again I find the Chesire cat may have said it best, “We’re all mad here.”