Group Bio – P3

Paw Power Productions (P3) is a group that was created from the” Living In A Media World 2″ class. Paw Power Productions consists of three members who all go to Expression College For Digital Arts, they are Miranda Fuller, Anthony Rosado, and Johnathan McNamare. The groups mission is to create a documentary from the subject matter of the “Fur and Flesh” Blog.

Miranda Rhys-Jones is the Editor and creative impetus behind “Being Furry in a Non-Furry World. She is attending Ex’pression College to pursue a career in Interactive EducationalĀ Opportunities.


Anthony Rosado is the Audio Engineer for P3 and is a sound student at Ex’pression College. He also does the music for the film.


Johnathan McNamare is the Editor and Animator for Paw Power Productions, he is currently attending Expression College to become an Animator.


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