Documentary Ideas

This blog is designed to have an actual purpose – be the basis for a documentary…


  1. Long distance relationships in the Global Community – as the world gets smaller, what constitutes long distance?
  2. The ethics of suffering – if you can end suffering, should you?
  3. Social networking addictions – when you just have to post one more tweet or you will DIE!
  4. Hypocrisy in the kink/fetish community – That's not my kink, so I don't like it
    • What is taboo when the whole society is taboo
    • Littles and Mommies/Daddies – Not pedophelia
    • Furries – Fetish, lifestyle, spiritualism, or species dysmorphia
    • Fursuiters – where do they fit in?
  5. When long distance shortens to down the hall – what happens when your ldr partner comes to visit for a few months