We made it!

Originally selected as a "back up," this blog was bumped up and greenlighted. For the next eight weeks Johnathan McNamare, Anthony Rosado, and myself will be creating a documentary about what it's like to be a furry.

Wish us luck 😉

Two graphic pieces

I've done a little work with the background and the header. Please tell me what you think. Don't hold back now!

Interesting turn of events

I knew that getting interviewees for this blog project might be difficult, but I imagined it to be due to lack of individuals willing to go out on that limb. I posted some ads asking for volunteers to talk about what being a furry means to them in a few furry forums. One of the forum moderators felt the need to delete my post to "protect the group [as a whole] from exposure." I'll admit, this took me by surprise. All of my interviewees would have been volunteers and I wasn't going to do any data mining from the group as a whole. Indeed, I wasn't going to mention the group at all. I'm still not going to mention which group it was. Hopefully the few leads I managed to get before my post was taken down will pan out.

I have several pages planned out. Stay tuned in the next few days for new pages, new posts, and several pieces of artwork…both mine and from other (more talented) artists!