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Final Pitch Storyboard

Below is my storyboard for the “Ceilingwards” trailer pitch.


I decided to leave it as is to give some insight on the way my brain likes to create.

Style Sheet

This is the background image for the site.
I fluctuated between wanting to stamp “circus” on the site by using bolder colors like ~*red & gold*~, and keeping it crisp and contemporary. To me, they were both blatant ideas, so I instead decided to ride my inspiration in blues and greens right now. Sizing the image correctly for the WordPress theme was an ordeal.

+ the header
Is the blue too blue? I can’t tell whether I want it to look more like the background. I had difficulty finding the right layout for this; spent a lot of time deliberating. When I figured out the design (when I saw 1st layer texture image), I ended up having a blast making this.

For both, I want to blend the ink elements with the silhouettes that I’ve been using a lot to show half-poses emerging from the ink textures. That will take some more time though, and I’d rather have something up than nothing.