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Style Sheet

This is the background image for the site.
I fluctuated between wanting to stamp “circus” on the site by using bolder colors like ~*red & gold*~, and keeping it crisp and contemporary. To me, they were both blatant ideas, so I instead decided to ride my inspiration in blues and greens right now. Sizing the image correctly for the WordPress theme was an ordeal.

+ the header
Is the blue too blue? I can’t tell whether I want it to look more like the background. I had difficulty finding the right layout for this; spent a lot of time deliberating. When I figured out the design (when I saw 1st layer texture image), I ended up having a blast making this.

For both, I want to blend the ink elements with the silhouettes that I’ve been using a lot to show half-poses emerging from the ink textures. That will take some more time though, and I’d rather have something up than nothing.


Below is my typography lab assignment, created in Photoshop CS6. I decided on the green palette for its ethereal qualities, which combines well in my mind with the elegance of aerial disciplines. Shown here is a silhouetted Alana Moggridge, taken from the video extract of her graduating Straps number, which can be watched here. Marieke’s quote helps to succinctly illustrate the artistic capacity of circus by revealing her relationship with performance.