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Final Pitch Storyboard

Below is my storyboard for the “Ceilingwards” trailer pitch.


I decided to leave it as is to give some insight on the way my brain likes to create.

Photo Essay #2

This is the second compilation of photos taken on Sunday, December 8th, of Marieke and Sarah training at Kinetic Arts Center. Both spent their time focusing on act creation for the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour live auditions, which will soon be fast upon them. They leave for a weekend to the white winter of Burlington, VT in early January.
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Photo Essay #1

This is my first compilation of photos taken at Kinetic Arts Center of Sarah and Marieke training disciplines such as straps and tight wire.
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In performance, tricks are met with applause when warranted by the style of the act. Applause is an excellent gift to a performer, but the typical audience member will not understand the complexity and hard work that is required to master tricks in the wide variety of circus disciplines. This infographic is meant to show just how much it takes to successfully execute a straight one-arm handstand.



Below is my typography lab assignment, created in Photoshop CS6. I decided on the green palette for its ethereal qualities, which combines well in my mind with the elegance of aerial disciplines. Shown here is a silhouetted Alana Moggridge, taken from the video extract of her graduating Straps number, which can be watched here. Marieke’s quote helps to succinctly illustrate the artistic capacity of circus by revealing her relationship with performance.


Concept Collage

circus collage

Core Concept Collage

Featuring Lindsey Barrows (L) and Marieke Dailey (R).

Wanted to keep with a blue palette, accentuated with pink; came out a little dark.