Hours are trickling by as I sift through Spire photos.

Photo Essay #2

This is the second compilation of photos taken on Sunday, December 8th, of Marieke and Sarah training at Kinetic Arts Center. Both spent their time focusing on act creation for the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour live auditions, which will soon be fast upon them. They leave for a weekend to the white winter of Burlington, VT in early January.
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Photo Essay #1

This is my first compilation of photos taken at Kinetic Arts Center of Sarah and Marieke training disciplines such as straps and tight wire.
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In performance, tricks are met with applause when warranted by the style of the act. Applause is an excellent gift to a performer, but the typical audience member will not understand the complexity and hard work that is required to master tricks in the wide variety of circus disciplines. This infographic is meant to show just how much it takes to successfully execute a straight one-arm handstand.



Below is my typography lab assignment, created in Photoshop CS6. I decided on the green palette for its ethereal qualities, which combines well in my mind with the elegance of aerial disciplines. Shown here is a silhouetted Alana Moggridge, taken from the video extract of her graduating Straps number, which can be watched here. Marieke’s quote helps to succinctly illustrate the artistic capacity of circus by revealing her relationship with performance.



Circus is an art form that is rarely well-understood by the layman in the US, regardless of its stature as a cultural icon. Circus extends from grand spectacles like Cirque du Soleil or Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, to small-cast contemporary productions like C!RCA, to festival competitions like the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival, to corporate events, to recreation. Circus extends proudly through many forms of performance art as well, often coalescing beautifully with theatre.

Suffice it to say, any one post will hardly be able to encompass a full understanding of the vast permeation of the circus world, but I hope that the below videos will help to create an overview that is sufficient to an introductory understanding.

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Concept Collage

circus collage

Core Concept Collage

Featuring Lindsey Barrows (L) and Marieke Dailey (R).

Wanted to keep with a blue palette, accentuated with pink; came out a little dark.

LMW Day One

While I felt going into Ex’pression that my experiences as a circus performer had endowed me with ample tools to function with professionalism, finishing the first semester here has helped expand my previous ideas on the concept. Part of settling into adulthood has been realizing the validity of each person’s subjective experience. I was drawn to Ex’pression for the Animation & Visual Effects program, having been enamored with digital art my whole life. Around the same time I started here at school, I remember realizing that my model of the world is inherently different than anyone else’s, and that the same is true of every other person. Being thrown into a group project like Media, Sound, and Visual was an excellent way to corroborate that paradigm shift, and to reveal the complicated web of communication shared between differing minds.

This course, Living in a Media World, is the next example of the kind of fish-out-of-water project that I will embark on each new course here at Ex’pression. I look forward to applying my affinity for design and creation to this documentary pitch. Ideas are roiling, but the future seems pretty opaque. The course seems straightforward enough, but infinite clearness is darkness, if outer space is any indicator. When do we get to go space traveling anyway?