Hopes and Expectations Regarding the Introduction and Conclusion of “Ceilingwards”


We would like to introduce the location of Lindsey and Sarah’s rehearsing ground. In addition, we would like to emphasize the intense fitness and training for the upcoming show. We are thinking for something like a collage of footage and stills. We are frequently deciding on music and will be in talks for it eventually, but for now we want to focus on Lindsey and Sarah; furthermore, giving a tease of who they are, what their background is and why we are focusing on them in particular.


Summing up the main focus which is Lindsey’s and Sarah’s will to overcome their injuries while preparing for the upcoming show, we hope to gather an ultimate conclusion regarding their feelings about the whole experience with the rehearsals. We would like to hear their opinions and revelations about the general art of circus and why it is important to them and what we should learn from it.



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