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Today’s Critiques (Ariel’s Notes)

Below are the analytical assessments from students and our instructors regarding second viewings of our documentary film, “Ceilingwards”. We thank you all for the constructive criticisms and we take it to heart and consideration.

  • “We need to identify the people talking either by name (Lower thirds, dialogue mentions it, etc) or formal interview footage which consists of them talking (identified with camera on faces). We know you don’t want talking heads, but in this case it would be helpful.” —Students
  • “Think about how to introduce Sarah and Lindsey into the story. There was confusion on who they were.” —Instructors and Students
  • “Peaking around the corner of the curtain was not working (may be a distraction). Too much red color.” —Student
  • “GoPro footage needs to be reworked as far as putting it in a place where it’s relevant to what is being said. (Don’t put it in there just because it looks cool…… which it does. It needs to have a reason of why the footage is there).” –Student
  • “Show faces so we can connect to who’s speaking!” —Student Again
  • “A strong sense of disconnect between the audience and the main focus (Lindsey and Sarah). Lots of talk of the injury, but no progression. They keep repeating things about the injury over and over again. Perhaps we need a background story of why this injury made such an impact on their lives (show footage of them in golden days; when they were the best at what they do; before the injury) for the audience to care.”—Student
  • “Audio needs reworking: Room tone/Ambience. Abrupt cuts in the audio was mentioned. Needs to be a lot smoother.” –Shantie
  • “Film is incomplete, due to unresolved material.”–Jerry
  • “Motion Graphics  would be helpful in understanding the injury better.”— Student and Instructors
  • “Keep in touch with us when you guys are having problems; I wish you had showed this to me early on before presenting” —Jerry
  • “The text used in the film may not have worked the way we wanted it to.” —Shantie
  • “I related to Sarah in that particular medium when she talks about how it was awful sitting out because she was injured and watching everyone else perform.” — Student
  • “Not sure if you all are trying to convey a depressing feel to the documentary or a hopeful one. How do you want us to feel when watching your documentary? I feel low spirited so far.” — Student
  • “Loved the positive shots of Sarah and Lindsey smiling and laughing together and of Sarah pretending to play guitar; conveyed good mood which I would like to see more of in order to get this out of the dumps.” — Student
  • “One of the things holding this film back is the continued fear of failing or the footage not being perfect as you foresaw. Don’t be afraid to fail at things. That’s a how you learn; through trial and error. If you don’t try things, you won’t see the magic in what you have and you won’t learn anything. Nothing’s perfect until you try. If you need help, suggestions, anything, call on us! We will help you!” — Intructors

Hopes and Expectations Regarding the Introduction and Conclusion of “Ceilingwards”


We would like to introduce the location of Lindsey and Sarah’s rehearsing ground. In addition, we would like to emphasize the intense fitness and training for the upcoming show. We are thinking for something like a collage of footage and stills. We are frequently deciding on music and will be in talks for it eventually, but for now we want to focus on Lindsey and Sarah; furthermore, giving a tease of who they are, what their background is and why we are focusing on them in particular.


Summing up the main focus which is Lindsey’s and Sarah’s will to overcome their injuries while preparing for the upcoming show, we hope to gather an ultimate conclusion regarding their feelings about the whole experience with the rehearsals. We would like to hear their opinions and revelations about the general art of circus and why it is important to them and what we should learn from it.



Interview Questions



(From top to bottom: Sarah and Lindsey)

“Regarding the Show”

1.) What is the name of the show you both are going to perform in?

2.) Please describe to us of what the show is about and why we(the audience) should care about it’s theme.

3.) What are some of the elements we are going to see displayed in this show? Furthermore, what would you like for us to take away from it?

Regarding the Main Focus”

1.) Please describe your injury from the moment it occurred and how you’ve been coping with it.

2.) Explain the recovery process. Has it been a good or bad experience for you? What has changed since the injury? Are there things you can do and can’t do? Are there things you want to do, but aren’t allowed to do because of the injury?

3.) Do you think you will be able to overcome the challenges of this injury and preparation requirements for the show?

4.) Have there been other injuries similar to this one before? If so, which one was the worst and why?

5.) Considering your craft, the injury, the show, and everything that is frequently happening around you, what is your biggest fear? How do you plan to overcome that fear?

“Regarding Interviewees’ Profile”

1.) When did you first decide that circus arts would be something that you would want to be involved in? Please describe that moment.

2.) When and how did you put that dream into effect?

3.) Are there still any ultimate goals you would want to meet in this craft?

4.) What did your family think of your choice to join circus arts? How do they react to your talents today?

5.) What is your favorite activity or routine to do during rehearsal? Or is there one?

6.) Tell us a little about your instructors and how they’ve been helping you to overcome obstacles.

7.) Where are you from?

8.) Who or what inspires you to strive for happiness in life?

“Regarding Rehearsals”

1.) What are the routines, exercises, and movements involved in the rehearsals? Please describe them in detail. What are some of the items and terms you hear in this art?

2.) How and why is teamwork so important when undergoing your routines?

3.) Name some personal miles stones which have helped shape you into the performer you are now (excluding recent injury).






Individual Student Teaser/Preview (Edited by Ariel Jones)

This is a taste of things to come during the upcoming weeks.