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Dirt Bike Trail Riding Proposal


The topic that I choose to blog about is trail riding (on a dirt bike – motorcycle). It is a topic that not everybody knows about, and even fewer have attempted to participate in. I will talk about the history of the activity, maintenance of the dirt bikes (pre & post ride), the break down of a dirt bike, locations, videos of trail riding, interviews of riders, and shop owners.

The history will include the invention of the motorcycle, and all of the changes that have been made since then. This includes the technological advances.

Maintenance of the dirt bikes captures the pre & post ride routines. This includes easy tasks like: cleaning air filters, changing spark plugs, oil changes, removing left over gas. The harder tasks will consist of changing a tire (or a tube), bleeding the brakes, and rebuilding a top-end.

The break down of a dirt bike mentions all of the parts to a dirt bike, as well as a more specific break down of the motor.

Locations will consist of two, possibly a third – depending on time, OHV parks. The locations show two different styles of trail riding: a more groomed and maintained riding experience (Hollister), while the other one shows a more natural, and unpredictable riding experience (Elkins Flat OHV Park aka Pipi Valley). The third, if time permits, will be the most wide open and free form of trail riding – Pismo Beach.

Videos of trail riding will be first person perspectives through a Go Pro (helmet) camera, as well as footage from cameras along side the trails.

Interviews will go over injuries, riding techniques, how they started up (who mentored them), and anything else that comes to mind. The interviews with shop owners will include, how the economy has impacted the sport, as well as their shop, and how the employees and/or owners got into this career.

I am going to use interactive images (through Adobe Flash) to show the breakdowns of the dirt bike as well as the motor. For research I am going to use lirn.net in association with any other books I can find at local libraries. My audience is going to be anybody that has a need for speed, which runs along side of a “throw caution in the wind” mentality. The importance is to bring this activity to those who would otherwise not be able, or not want, to partake.


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