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BRAAAaaap Treatment


Team Name:

Two Guys and a Girl Walk into a Bar

Project Title:

When in Doubt Throttle Out!

Group e-mails/jobs:

Kevin( Camera, Video editing, Sound

Frank( Camera, Expert, Video Editing, Sound

Erica( Camera, Video editing, Sound


When people first think about motorcycles they think: dangerous, and even death! There is another side, the fun, exhilarating and new side, the recreational activity that serves as a good time for people young and old.  So why dirt bike? The rush and the feeling of being in and out of control all at the same time.


The point of view that our group will be making is that dirt biking is a fun activity, not something to be afraid of. Anyone can learn and most will have fun. In our documentary we hope to bring that fun and exciting feel to our style.


Perspective will be told through seasoned riders, mechanics and beginners: how they fell about the sport and what keeps them coming back to the trails.


Voice over’s, interviews, minimal archive footage, but most of our own footage so that the audience feels that they are riding the bikes as well!  In our film we would start by talking about the sport of dirt biking, the basics, the appeal and who rides these bikes. Then in our film we would film a day at the trails, meet some of the riders, talk with them and if possible talk about their motivation for riding.  Toward the end show the audience show how to ride via a beginning trail rider. What we want to convey to everyone is the rush and fun appeal of riding.


As was said in the beginning riding is fun, it shouldn’t be seen as dangerous, bikes may be fast but they give the option to walk a run for its money!

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