Top 10

Top 10 Taco Trucks in the East Bay

1. Taqueria Sinaloa
2138 International Blvd – Oakland, CA 94606

2. Guadalajara Taco Truck
44th Ave and International Blvd – Oakland, CA 94620

3. El Novillo Taco Truck
1001 Fruitvale Blvd – Oakland, CA 94620

4. La Pinata Taco Truck
720 High Street – Oakland, CA 94601

5. Mi Grullense Taco Truck
1301 30th Ave – Oakland, CA 94601

6. Tacos Ojo De Agua
3132 E 12th St – Oakland, CA 94602

7. Tacos Mi Rancho
1st Ave & E 14th Street – Oakland, CA 94606

8. La Penca Azul Taco Truck
720 High St – Oakland, CA 94601

9. Tacos El Gordo
4201 International Blvd – Oakland, CA 94601

10. El Grullo
International Blvd & 26th – Oakland, CA 94601

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