The Movement



A new generation of mobile foods is hitting the streets. Because of a new demand amongst consumers, food vendors have shifted their focus in ways of how to feed the people. It’s without doubt that this has created a revolution and because of that their is a new market emerging. The result of this new revolution has created the new market of mobile food trucks. This new market has launched a fast moving trend which has now become a movement amongst the nation. The new mobile food truck craze continues to shift gears and has now become a nationwide phenomenon.

Already, cities such as Chicago, NYC, LA, Portland, and Seattle have well adopted this new market. While LA has taken the forefront of the food truck movement in California, other cities have also begun to grow. More recently, in San Francisco, their have been some monumental events to support evidence of this. Because of a new growing event in San Francisco, the mobile food truck community has also flourished into becoming part of the city’s culture. Off The Grid is name of the event. It occurs on a multiple-day of basis, every week. We sought to discover what this event was all about and what it meant to the rising food truck industry.

In the documentary, we will interview several food truck owners and their customers. We will also interview the owner of Off The Grid and get his story about the movement happening amongst the city. The film will be a short glimpse as what to expect if you are to be attending the event. The interviews will be held right inside the action of each food truck. It will also help to communicate how people overcome the struggles of owning a food truck.

This documentary will be focused on teaching the viewer about the food truck community in the bay area. Yes! Their is movement happening within the mobile food truck world. Their are constantly new ideas and new talents being developed. Much of this can be displayed in the bay area from a group called “Off the Grid.” Off the Grid is a community event which occurs on a weekly basis where mobile food trucks gather together in creating a very interesting nightlife experience. Because of events like these, the food truck community has flourished into becoming a dinning phenomenon.

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