Tacos Autlan

International Blvd. has a long lasting history for being Oakland’s famous strip of business that stretches across the bay area. It’s with good reason that many of the East Bay’s great taco trucks can be found on this strip. After visiting the last taco truck I was able to find another location to review. It resides a couple of blocks down from Los Amigos. The location is International & 52nd.

Yelp: n/a
Seating: No
What to get: Try a torta

While I was there I took a minute to ask the worker lady some questions about the business. She told me that the truck is an extension to the restaurant down the street and that the business is good after it closes early in the day. It’s always nice to see a business creating new ideas to make their food more accessible.

This week I decided to keep it simple and rate my experience by testing out the essentials. I ordered a pair of carne asada tacos.

Again, I took some photos of my experience. I hope you enjoy.


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