Los Amigos

Yelp: 4.5 (link)
Seating: Yes
What to get: Steak Fries (add guacamole if your feeling adventurous)

My next venture was made by recommendation. Located on E. 14th (International Blvd.) & 55th Ave, is Los Amigos Taco Truck.

The dish: Steak Fries (AKA Carne Asada Fries)

Having grown up in San Diego, I am very accustomed to Steak Cheese Fries at every corner of my neighborhood. Sadly, this dish is not that well recognized in the Bay Area. This is why I felt an extra desire to review this taco truck and it’s special entree.

Finding the location was conveniently easy. After parking in their designated lot, I walked up to the truck and stood in the short line. The wait was not that long but because of the cold weather and my lack of eating that day, I was eager to place my order. After ordering I decided to take some shots of the location and customers.

5-7 mins later my food was ready. Taking a look, the dish was relatively simple. It consisted of French Fries, Carne Asada, Cheese, and sour creme. It was delicious! Some how I finished the entire thing within the first 10 mins of picking it up.

Even though I cannot compare these to the fries from San Diego, I must say that these were good. More importantly, it is great to see that the bay area has adopted this style of food.

So if you are in the mood to try an American entree with in a food stand fashion, head to Los Amigos.

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